Hidden In Plain Sight Below The Knee

The new docuseries shares the stories of two african american female amputees who suffered horrible accidents yet continue to strive each and every day to achieve their goals!

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What people are saying

John Johnson

John Johnson

Wow very nice!

YaLife Media and Marketings new service YaMogul is exciting. I am looking forward to seeing new original content from unique creators. I love supporting new talent and look forward to what I will see!
Linda Bryant

Linda Bryant

Looks very promising

The the content thus far looks very good. I can't wait to see more content YaMogul uploads. Keep it coming!
Brenda Hunt

Brenda Hunt

Another place to watch videos!

Very professional site. YaLife is creating new things almost everyday! Everything looks quality with a spirit of excellence. Dont sleep on YaMogul! They doing it!

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